Despite Recent Volatility, Biotech Stocks Look Poised to Pop

Biotechnology investors are no strangers to volatility, and Tuesday’s price action was no exception. Followers of gene therapy companies watched one of the most popular names in the industry lose approximately one-third of its value due to patient safety concerns. As alluded to above, shares of Spark Therapeutics dropped sharply in Tuesday’s trading session due to heightened patient safety concerns surrounding a hemophilia gene therapy trial. (Story originally posted August 8, 2018)

Source: Despite Recent Volatility, Biotech Stocks Look Poised to Pop

Theranos saga continues, as founder Elizabeth Holmes and former president Balwani charged with wire fraud.

Tap the image below for CNBC’s coverage of this story. And for a more complete history of Holmes and Theranos, go to “In Focus” page.

Balwani was also ‘in it to win it’ as seen in the indictment, which alleges that he and Holmes conducted fake technology demonstrations for investors in which they claimed their system was testing blood when in fact it was set on a “null protocol” to make it look like it was testing blood but wasn’t. (Curator’s note: I was late with this story because I entered the hospital for back surgery the day it ran – June 15, 2018. )